What is your content tone and brand voice?

All readers are different. Some may respond to headlines that contain questions or numbers. While others are drawn to words that address them directly. Such as “You” and “Your.” by testing different combinations of story elements – headlines. Images and social copy – using tools like sharethis’s social a/b tool you can get a clearer idea of what readers are looking for and optimize to do just that. The trick to avoid: clickbait headlines. Like “you won’t believe what happens next.” because facebook penalizes you for it . 2. 2. Share social content at the right time.

Use white hat seo tactics

Social mia never sleeps. But that doesn’t mean you Africa Email List have to post every minute of every day. In fact. You will have a better chance of engaging your readers if you publish social content at the right time. You can use analytics platforms to find out when your audience is most active online. Or start with some general rules like this: it’s best to post on facebook in the early afternoon. Especially between 12pm and 1pm on weekends. The trick to avoid: flooding people’s fes with social posts. 3. 3. Use white hat seo tactics. White-hat seo is just a fancy term for clever strategies that will get your content seen by google. For example.

Such as including some relevant keywords

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It was once acceptable to stuff your posts with as many searchable keywords as possible. But now google will penalize you for it. For this reason it’s important to use white-hat seo tactics. Such as including some relevant keywords. Linking to other posts SWB Directory on your site. And making sure your post is easy to navigate. The trick to avoid: black-hat seo tactics. Such as spam comments and duplicate content. 4. 4. Clearly. The content of the label is sponsor. Do you want to build trust with your audience? Just be honest with them. Be sure to call out all sponsor content with a disclosure that simply says “sponsor” or “ad.” for example.

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