Thus Hope Becomes the Driving

This seeks a flow of information that is constantly manipulat in search of an optimal result; This is how each member has independence and under responsibilities reflects on what they want to achieve as a common objective. It may sound like bells of glory, but the shadow of it is again the individuality of which we are and will be prey. If we manage to jump over that barrier, I believe that both collaborative and cooperative learning are viable in the ucational process. From this, I believe that individualities should be understood as such, let’s not expect methodologies to change our humanity .

Towards a Better Future but of the

Stirner – a true apostle of individualist anarchism, although he himself never describ himself as such, and whose work The Only One and His Property can be consider a true “bible”, if I may use the b2b email list religious terminology – consider that man was the center of all reflection and even of all reality; but not man in general nor as a representative of abstract humanity, but rather the individual, “myself” as the only “I.” Stirner’s “One” exists absolutely and is prior to all exteriority, both that form by the objective spirit and that constitut by other people’s “I”.

Three Pillars or

 Let’s let our students seek that balance that must exist in this type of learning, let’s not strain the rope of our primitive collectivism; Rather, let us optimize scenarios, roles, tasks and have enough SWB Directory wisdom to vary the “leaders” in the process and be true invisible guides of the propos project, without our presence contaminating the creative freom of the group.What happens between Spain and Catalonia or between Spain and Barcelona? With some frequency and especially lately, some colleagues and students ask me one of these two questions.

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