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 The truth is that there is no magic strategy . The success of one or the other depends on the objectives of each business , where the customers are, the persona, etc., and the best choice is to carry out a diagnosis and then decide how to act. The tip here is that the same company can have customers with different or even opposite profiles. Therefore, using Inbound and.

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 Outbound Marketing together can bring better results! Tip: What does investment in communication say about company growth? How can Inbound and Outbound Marketing be us together? There are situations in which special data Inbound and Outbound Marketing work better together, such as in the case of a client who asks you to return a call in a few months.

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 If you don’t nourish him with relevant information and content , there’s a good chance he’ll forget about you when it’s time to call back. Have you been through this? There are also other situations in which it is better to use Inbound and Outbound Marketing together: 1. Close deals Sometimes, in order to close a deal, you will ne to make telephone contact with some of the leads captur by materials, making Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing work together to boost sales . 2. Make the approach easier Remember I said that SWB Directory Inbound Marketing helps to create authority? This authority can facilitate.

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