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SERCs within the Quick Fix Directive

Not only that: by switching to a paperless and omnichannel communication and archiving regime you have. The possibility of accessing a very precious mine of data on your customers . Relying on Certified Electronic Delivery tools like those of. Doxee allows you to manage this enormous amount of information in a simple and all-encompassing way . The final step is easy to say: improving the knowledge of your customers means having. The possibility of continuously improving your communications, making them increasingly tailored to the recipients, therefore increasingly effective and personalized . A true virtuous circle, which goes far beyond simple legislative obligations.

The implementation of

The Quick Fix directive in Italy (which, let’s remember, concerns all EU countries) dates back to Legislative Decree 10 March 2023 , n.31 ( here is the text , published in the Official Journal of 24 March 2023). There are many areas involved. But the Russia WhatsApp Data most important changes introduced with this update concern the methods through which financial intermediaries are required to provide information to their customers . The key words are: simplification , digitalisation , flexibility , security . In practice: all information on investment services provided by banks and financial intermediaries can and must be provided to customers in electronic format (except in specific cases).

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So which communications become digital with the Quick Fix directive ?

Pre-contractual information relating to investment services.  Preliminary information on individual transactions in financial instruments; – information following individual operations; – periodic reporting . Above all, we must ask ourselves: what Switzerland WhatsApp Number List does all this translate into? And what advantages does it bring? Let’s say it very clearly: we are talking about a large set of advantages and benefits, which – what’s more – reinforce each other in a systemic way. To put it briefly, these are the advantages that derive from abandoning the paper document in favor of the digital one.

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The advantages of insurance upselling and cross selling

Today, upselling and cross-selling strategies cannot fail to be part of the marketing plan of companies of any size and sector. The benefits they offer and which both businesses and customers can benefit from are too numerous and too significant not to be implemented. such as the insurance sector, in which digital transformation has been grafted onto traditionally analogue dynamics (phone calls, in-person appointments, meetings in branches).

Upselling and cross-selling processes

Maximize customer value by expanding the range of products or services; increase revenue by increasing sales from existing customers; they trigger virtuous loyalty processes , improving general satisfaction with the shopping experience. Most of all, they Russia WhatsApp Data allow us to deepen relationships with customers , setting the relationship on a more balanced and inherently dialogic level: by knowing the additional needs of the target, the company can modulate its offers on specific needs and real preferences and cement that loyalty that it underlies richer interactions. Investing in the creation and maintenance of trust is essential especially within those sectors,

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Once again personalization is the most effective way

To adapt to the changing behavior of the public who, using new technologies, expect both to experience the same “closeness” of a face-to-face conversation and to take advantage of the complete, efficient and rapid service to which digital transformation France WhatsApp Number List has now become accustomed to them. From increasingly high-quality data flows, companies extract valuable information to obtain insights useful for promoting truly relevant and, for this reason, profitable and sustainable choices. In this sense, upselling and cross-selling strategies in insurance fit fully into a data-driven insurance model in which insurance companies use the enormous quantities of data at their disposal and the most advanced automation tools to develop new solutions, create value-added services for their customers and produce unique insights.