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New rosen exhibit transfer knights and tau sigma national

LibraryPoste April 5th, New rosen exhibit On display in March and April at the Rosen Library is an exhibit featuring two student organizations–Transfer Knights and Tau Sigma National Honor Society. Transfer Knights is a social organization that connects transfer students with the rest of UCF. Tau Sigma is a national honor society that features the academic work of transfer students. Newsletters, schedule of events, and contact information are provide for students who are intereste in joining these student organizations. Exhibit was curate Velencia Duvra with assistance by Schuyler Kerby.

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New Fall Exhibit at Rosen Library Rosen LibraryPoste August 23rd, 2017 Welcome back to new and returning Rosen College students! Check out our display in the Rosen Iran Phone Number List  library’s exhibit case: Campus Tour-in-a-Box. We have gathered flyers, brochures, and materials that offer a quick rundown of resources available to students. Pick up a brochure for Rosen College’s degree programs. Learn about purchasing a Rosen campus parking permit.

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You can speak to a license mental health counselor at the UCF CAPS office here at Rosen? Intereste in exploring your options after graduation? Learn about continuing your  Lebanon Phone Number List academic career with Rosen’s graduate programs. Also include in the exhibit are books showcasing current trends in the field of hospitality and tourism, plus books about time management and productivity! Comments are closed.

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