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NZ and the UK the drive to digital

The  team has written a lot about the work that the UK’s Government Digital Service(external link) folks have been doing to build and launch NZ and the UK the  website(external link) over the last year or so. They have been keeping an eye on our progress as well. This week, an article about our collaboration was published in . The Guardian and titled . Why New Zealand and UK are leading the public sector digital revolution”(external link).

The article itself a collaboration

Francis Maude UK Minister for the cabinet office and chris Tremain. New Zealand’s minister of Internal . Affairs discusses openness and  Hong Kong Phone Number List  transparency in government and how this fits into the move towards ‘digital by default’. There is also a bit about how working together has been an advantage to both countries. Photo of Susan Diamond Susan Diamond Published 11 January 2018 Categories Web design, Web development Tags fresh look at.

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The team is always keen NZ and the UK

Tto add to the conversation about better ways for government to work in the online space.  A US website that’s been dubbe . TechCrunch for Hong Kong Phone Number List  government,’ caught up with the Department of Internal Affairs’ own Jared Gulian, Product Owner for link), about the  project. The result is a good summary of the project(external link) and the agile, user-centred approach that the Department is taking.

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