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However, the analysis of leading Polish startups shows that today’s innovations are of a different nature. 1. Talent Development instead of Employee Experience It’s too easy to compare a company employee to a user and aim to improve their “Employee Experience”. The key difference is that users use many products – on their own. Employees, on the other hand, work in one company – together. So product discovery, or Product Discovery, is a process where we change the perspective and instead of inventing something, we discover.

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We don’t sit lockd in a basement somewhere and learn, relying on our own genius, we just go to clients, we run the process like this. We whatsapp mobile number list ask, we investigate, so that they tell us what problem they have, what solution they expect. How can we solve this problem and what other neds do they have, such “flavours”, what they pay attention to. The point is that all this should result from the market, so that we already have a ready material on which we can work while building the product.

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Dealing with the subject of paywalls

The whole process is as easy as it is difficult, because if you look at this graph, it perfectly represents what where our thoughts go. So SWB Directory at the beginning there is a terrible noise, there is an excess of this information. We mix information with hypotheses, we don’t know what is certain and what is only a guess, so we often go around in circles, check and enter a dead end. It’s like a maze without a map. On the other hand, the further into the forest, the further into research.

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