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Which makes ga4 a perfectly good tool to start reporting on website activity today. And from someone who’s been using universal analytics from the time it was classic analytics. When you get use to the ga4 reporting navigation. You’ll see it’s not all that bad! When transitioning from universal analytics to ga4 the main points to be mindful of are: add ga4 in parallel with universal analytics until you fully transition set up conversions and validate the numbers against universal analytics use ga4 conversions in google ads get familiar with the report navigation and find your reports through the overview sections use filters to focus in your most important data points find out more from the official getting-starte list from google. Boost your career. Boost your salary relate presentation: ga4 essentials dmi team talk: what makes ga4 different?

It automatically uncovers insights from your data

It automatically uncovers insights from your data that will improve your marketing performance. Widgets place in the ga4 dashboard will help uncover a lot of useful insights. Such as traffic latest database channels that are not behaving in a preicte way. Or if there are spikes from different channels or cities etc. These widgets are preominantly found in the overview sections of the various pre-built life cycle or user report types. Insights uncovere by google’s machine learning insights uncovere by google’s machine learning another very useful feature made possible by google’s machine learning technology is that you can actually type in questions and ga4 will show you the information you are likely to be looking for.

It automatically uncovers insights from your data

 It should detail all the pages on your site. As well as all the subcategories. Products. And other content within those pages. You can develop a site map manually or use an automate tool. Sitemaps SWB Directory use both xml and html. Html sitemaps are more helpful to visitors. You can use these tools to create a sitemap: google’s webmaster tools lucid sitemap generator powermapper 12: make social sharing easy in most cases. Social meia sharing doesn’t directly impact seo.

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