Legal Entities Who Will Be Required to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Advertisements

However, To the number of conversions to the main site; the final value depends on the targeted traffic of the resource where the offer was placed. A simple example of how it is calculated A company will spend rubles on contextual advertising. Their click conversions are . So the cost per click is rubles. Cost per impression Visitor cost or cost per thousand impressions. This metric reflects the ratio between the cost of renting a website and the number of page visitors.

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However, Conversion rate. The number of site visitors who become customers. However, The visitor’s interest in the offer clicks interest. This can be evidenced by spending a database long time on the site, scrolling through multiple pages, repeat visits, or completing leads. The target action cost for the main site visitor. This model is considered the most cost-effective as the cost is paid only by the act of placing an order or paying for a purchase by a visitor who is interested in the proposed product.

Metrics is influenced by the quality of the form and type of ad created


However, Call cost call tracking. Using this technique you can evaluate the effectiveness and ease of using product promotion channels and determine the most popular SWB Directory query keywords. Cost-per-click bid An arbitrary value set by an advertiser. Bid lower or higher with adjustments You can adjust how often your products appear on specific device gadgets or in specific regions. However, Also read How to Create a Productive Call-to-Action Your visitors stubbornly don’t want to buy after a resource launches. However, This picture often appears in new projects that need improvement.

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