Vehicle Ad Campaigns: discover how to set up Google’s new ads

Digital sales are expanding into the automobile sector. Within its digital ad service, Google Ads has added Vehicle Ads, a new ad campaign that users can program to improve visibility and increase profits. The automobile sector, like many others, has suffered due to COVID-19. There’s been a decrease in the number of vehicle registrations in the last few years and family demand has also fallen; however, we can’t forget that moments of crisis are also moments of creativity, of habit changes and the appearance of new ideas. For vehicle sales, this paradigm change happened online.

The trend of selling cars online is reaching its peak

According to a study from KPMG, 62% of Spanish executives in the automobile industry predict that by 2030, the majority of new vehicle sales will be completed online. And this percentage increases Telegram Data to 78% when we ask executives on a global scale. What implications does this have for the sector? If we know how to take advantage of it, the digital channel can have a very positive impact on the industry. The consumer is more familiar than ever before with online shopping for all kinds of products, and the internet is a channel to use to increase sales and profitability.

In addition, online automobile sales open new doors; you can sell your car to someone across the country or even in a different country

Especially within the EU where we all use the same currency. This is an opportunity for dealers to bet on online sales and facilitate the process for the user. Google has taken note of these latest SWB Directory trends and activated the search for vehicles in its search engine. Learn more about Vehicle Ads here. What is Vehicle Ads? What Does it Do? Vehicle Ads is a new ad format for Google searches that, with the use of certain words (for example, “buy seat Ibiza”). Shows vehicles for sale that meet the said search. The final result for the user would be similar to this: vehicle ads These ads contain important information about the brand, model, price, mileage, and name of the car. When you click on it,

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