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 Are you curious to know more? Come with me! But what is Inbound and Outbound Marketing? To better understand the difference between Inbound and Outbound Marketing , think about the relationship between pole and spear fishing . Rod fishing requires you to use bait to attract the fish so that you can hook it. Harpoon fishing, on the other hand, is more similar to a hunting activity, that is, you ne to dive into the sea to catch the fish with the spear. In this analogy, Inbound Marketing is fishing with a rod, while Outbound Marketing is fishing with a harpoon.

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 Inbound Marketing aims to attract your potential customers by offering content that generates value for them. From this delivery, you create authority for your company , make it attractive to your potential customer, making them want to continue talking to you and, finally, resulting in sales . Outbound Marketing is bas on active new database prospecting : you define the profile of your ideal customer and go after them, helping them realize that there is a problem or improvement in the current process..

The true relationship between Inbound

 Application errors There are those who have already tri Inbound and Outbound Marketing and argue that one of them does not work. In these situations, this thought usually comes to the surface when a manager makes a mistake in applying any of these methodologies, due to lack of adequate knowlge. Typically, this happens in cases where marketing actions are bas on copies of what another company is SWB Directory doing — and which appears to be producing results.

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