The survey participants include different types of organisations

The survey participants  As well as organisations with a small, medium, and large number of websites. Information will be amalgamated to provide a broad The survey understanding of the current state. Advisory group We’ve also established an advisory group to help the Result 10 team develop the web consolidation strategic assessment. The purpose of the group is to: provide input, review and feedback on the future state vision, options and recommendations provide stakeholder perspectives on the development of the benefits.

The Advisory Group is made up

Representatives from agencies across the government domain, including a mix of strategic thinkers and individuals with a strong understanding of the digital environment. Members include representatives from: Department of Conservation Department of Internal Affairs USA Phone Number List Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet Electricity Authority Inland Revenue Department The survey participants Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment Ministry of Education Ministry of Health Ministry of Social Development New Zealand Police. In addition to this Advisory Group, we’ve also got a Project Board that includes: Department of Internal Affairs Electricity Authority Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.


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Our Executive The survey participants Sponsor is from

The Department of Conservation. So it’s truly a cross-agency initiative, with input and oversight from far and wide. Relationship to The web consolidation strategic assessment work is related to.  In that both streams of work focus on making it easier for.  New Zealanders Australia Phone Number List to interact with government online by transforming the way.  The Government delivers information and services. Launched July 2014, link) has create.  As the authoritative central source of government information designed.  From the user’s perspective, delivering content in topics relevant to users, rather than the structure or delivery of government. .

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