The advantages and opportunities of Doxee’s SERC services

The certified electronic delivery solutions offered by Doxee branch into three different types. Certified emails , which provide proof of the content of the messages. The exact time they are sent to the recipient’s inbox and the moment they are received . – Certified SMS: an excellent way to send certified communications through a very familiar and immediate method for recipients. – e-Recapito. A tool that allows you to certify the delivery and opening of documents by issuing documentary proof.

Translated into practice:

The recipient receives an email or SMS containing a link to access the documents intended for him. This step allows you to collect and track the recipient’s intention Qatar WhatsApp Data to access the documents, through a personalized link. The sender, consequently, receives documentary evidence that certifies the sending, receipt and opening of the document. Naturally, the first and most direct advantages that derive from the adoption of electronic delivery services have to do with everything that we have already highlighted above, in relation to electronic communications: economic and time savings , increased security , confidentiality and of legal and probative value .

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Be careful, though!

It’s not all. It’s not just the direct benefits. Perhaps even more important are the opportunities and indirect benefits that open up by implementing electronic delivery services. Opportunities and benefits that have to do with a concept to keep in mind: that of integration . What are we referring to? To the integration of certified delivery systems with all Vietnam WhatsApp Number List the mechanisms and processes. That characterize a digitally mature company. A holistic vision that aims, first and foremost, at improving the User Experience which – in this way – becomes more fluid, smart, in step with the times. And we know perfectly well how important the User Experience is, in terms of loyalty and reducing the Churn Rate .

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