The impact of ESG criteria in telecommunications

As our reality becomes increasingly interconnected. The telecommunications industry not only continues to form the backbone of the digital revolution. But also seems to have taken a clear position when it comes to corporate responsibility and sustainability . This is according to a 2021 study by MSCI. Which estimated that more than $1.1 trillion of communications investments. Would be made up of exchange-traded ESG mutual funds . If ESG criteria are the only ones currently capable of expressing. The environmental impact of a company on the market. And at the same time evaluating the commitment that the company invests in environmental.

Social and governance protection initiatives

It is because an important paradigm shift: the image and credibility of a company is no longer considered solely in a structural and operational sense, but concerns the sensitivity shown towards highly relevant and topical issues such as Greece WhatsApp Data ecology and respect for the rights of people. In a world where the dissemination of news and the exchange of opinions inevitably involves consequences in terms of reputation, a company that uses ESG criteria is the ideal interlocutor for customers, investors, regulators and the general public . And this is even more true in the telco market, where ESG criteria play a significant role in shaping public perception and investor confidence.

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Prioritizing these principles not only improves

The company’s image, but also strengthens its competitive position, reduces the risks of litigation and contributes to long-term sustainability. This Cambodia WhatsApp Number List is why, if adapting to the most advanced ESG standards represents a probably inevitable step for companies, it also appears as an undeniable progress towards the creation of an effectively sustainable and responsible telco industry. After briefly describing the impact of ESG parameters in telecommunications we are ready to delve deeper into how these principles are particularly relevant to the sector.

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