That Make the Entire World Move

While a considerable number of pro-independence catalans have mobiliz and taken to the streets. What has happen from now on is somewhat everyone’s fault, although we must be very clear that in a state of law, those who consciously do not comply with the law are ultimately responsible for its conseq uences.from an italy that still did not exist, a 9-year-old boy who was wandering lost during mother’s month crash into some bright green eyes, and from there began one of the most sung love stories in world literature, the story that it will unite politics and passion as axes of life in this

People to Solidarity

Florentine , a bridge between mieval thought and Renaissance humanistic ideas.This new olero of the sweet style that was orphan, but adopt the teachings of Brunetto Latini and shar wines with business database Guido Guinicelli and Cavalcanti. Dante Alighieri (Ducante de Alighiero or Ducante Degli Aldiguieri or so on) was brought by Donna Bella, his mother, around 1265 and by family tradition he embrac the hardline of the Guelphs (papal buffaloes) living in opposition to the Ghibellines (gentrifi monarchists). ) throughout his youth; While this was happening,

With Their Peers to

He had already been captur by “il dolce pomo”, a very pure idea of ​​the belov that was multipli by “quinta essences” and that result from those only two encounters with beatriz portinari (in the last one, at least kiss her hand) an almost SWB Directory autobiographical and dreamlike book: the new life, a confidential diary of love that ends like all love stories: badly, she marri another who had not written a single verse to her, a certain simone de bardi, and award in that lottery that devastat europe at the almost end of the middle ages: the black death that kill her the year after her marriage.

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