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 Historian Joan Cullá, professor of Contemporary History at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​argues that this was a key moment in which the Carolingian Empire recogniz the Catalan counties’ sovereignty. “From that moment, a little before the year 1000 onwards, Catalonia was a sovereign country,” says Cullá. On the contrary, the Catalan historian and professor at the Pompeu Fabra University, Josep María Fradera, maintains that such an idea “in the mieval world does not make any sense.” “The relationships are between lord and vassals, everyone is someone’s vassal except the kings and the great models of entities that are suppos to be heirs of the Roman Empire, like that of Charlemagne.

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What does not admit any doubt or interpretation is that already in 1492 the County of Barcelona was part of the Kingdom of Aragon as a consequence of the marriage between Petronila of Aragón and Ramón Berenguer IV Count of Barcelona, ​​which took place in 1151. And now? From then until today, Catalonia’s relationship with the rest business lead of Spain went through various vicissitudes: four times it tri to proclaim its independence unilaterally and all four times they fail. The last of them, in 1934, result in the intervention of the army, 46 deaths, all the members of the Government of the Generalitat (autonomous government) imprison and the suppression of the Statute of Autonomy by the Central Government.

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What will happen now? The Government of the Generalitat and the autonomous Parliament, contravening their own laws and exceing their powers, have creat their own laws (Disconnection Law and Referendum Law) and call for a referendum on Sunday, October 1. Laws and referendums that have been declar unconstitutional by the Constitutional Court and therefore SWB Directory illegal. The Government has decid to continue defying the orders of the Court – which in Spain has the power to criminally denounce those who do not comply with its rulings – while the Government of the Nation has sent more than 10,000 riot police (National Police and Civil Guard) to Catalonia.

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