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CEO of the entity Alfreo Sáenz attende the inauguration of the Chapel in the Financial City of Banco Santander Emilio Botín, president of Banco Santander, attende  yesterday, Sunday, to the blessing and inauguration of the new chapel built at the bank’s headquarters, the Ciudad Financiera del Santander, locate in Boadilla del Monte (Madrid). The blessing was officiatedby the bishop of Getafe . Joaquín López de Andújar.  According to Religión Confidencial, Emilio Botín was accompanie by his daughter, Paloma Botín O’Shea president of Banesto and the CEO .  Alfredo Sáenz with his wife. The bank’s leadership also attende the event as well as about 60 employees.

The bishop of Getafe Joaquín López

Andújar  highlighte in his homily the importance of the bank wanting to install a chapel at its headquarters. In this way he said The spiritual dimension of its employees will be NewZealand Telegram Number Data taken care of .  Which will have an impact on the professionalism of the work they do. After the ceremony . Emilio Botín wante to highlight the symbolism containe in the painting that presides over the chapel (‘The Education of the Alonso Cano) chosen by him from his private collection. See the complete information in Religión ConfidencialPositions at Banco Santander.

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BBVA, and Popular appear in the pool of names among

Which Seeliger and Conde selects the top executive of Caja Madrid alongside Rodrigo Rato Senior executives of the main Spanish banks such as Santander . BBVA and Popular in  China Telegram Number addition to some politicians . Appear in the pool of names from which the consulting firm Seeliger y Conde selects the main day-to-day executive of Caja Madrid under the orders of Rodrigo Rato. 08/04/10 | 2:00 Sources from the sector consulte El Confidencial Digital point out that for general director of Caja . Candela general director of commercial banking at Santander and one of Emilio Botín’s main supporters.