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LibraryPoste January 19th, 2021 Stop by the Rosen campus library to check out our new exhibit, Florida’s Natural Springs! What better way to start the spring Springs Exhibit Rosen semester than by exploring the bubbling, cold spring waters that make Florida’s ecosystem so unique. The exhibit features items such as photographs, pamphlets, sketches, and newspaper articles that tell a brief history of visitation to various springs in the state, including Silver Springs, Weeki Wachee Springs, De Leon Springs, and many others. Small, hand-made dioramas of the springs highlight the different items throughout the display.

There are also books

Atop the display case relating to Florida’s springs that are available for check-out. The exhibit was curate by Emily Horne from Rosen and Burak Ogreten from Special Collections  France Phone Number List and Archives. It will be on display until the end of the spring semester. Comments are close . New Spring Exhibit at Rosen Library Utamaduni na utalii wa Kenya (Culture and Tourism of Kenya) Rosen LibraryPoste January 31st, 2019 Visit the Rosen Library to see our latest exhibit.

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Utamaduni na utalii wa Kenya

Translate from Swahili, this means “Culture  Qatar Phone Number List and Tourism of Kenya.” This exhibit showcases a slice of what a tourist in Kenya can expect in the way of souvenirs, food, and beverages. Make sure to pick up a mini-zine to learn how to make poussin chips and tikka paneer. This exhibit will be running from January 18th, 2019 to March 11th , 2019. It was curate by Shivanghi Swaly and Schuyler Kerby. Comments are closed.

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