Quick Fix Directive – what it contains

Paperless : this is the watchword for document processes and communication processes with customers. It applies to all production sectors. And certainly the Banking and Finance sector is no exception. Indeed, it can be said that in this Industry the issues are even more delicate and crucial. And the steps forward are increasingly accelerating. In this regard, there are some updates that concern strictly current affairs ; and which will certainly have an important long-term impact. So which communications become digital with the Quick Fix directive ? We’ll see it right away, below. Then we will move on to the roadmap planned for its implementation (we anticipate it: we have already practically reached the first goals). Finally, we will tighten the focus of our attention on a specific topic.

Pre-contractual information relating

To investment services; – preliminary information on individual transactions in financial instruments; – information following individual operations; – periodic UK WhatsApp Data reporting . Above all, we must ask ourselves: what does all this translate into? And what advantages does it bring? Let’s say it very clearly: we are talking about a large set of advantages and benefits, which – what’s more – reinforce each other in a systemic way. To put it briefly, these are the advantages that derive from abandoning the paper document in favor of the digital one.

WhatsApp Data

We are referring, in particular,

To Directive (EU) 2021/338 ( full text here ), known as the ” Quick Fix “, which is part of the more general (and awaited) reform of the MiFID II directive (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive ). MiFID II regulates the financial markets of the Malaysia WhatsApp Number List European Union. It came into force in 2018. And it is no coincidence that the drafting of the Quick Fix directive dates back to 2021: in fact, the first lights were starting to be seen at the end of the tunnel of the pandemic ; on the one hand it had become more urgent than ever to activate digital procedures.

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