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EU to make public their status as “lobbies” in the European institutions The European institutions are putting pressure on the “think-tanks” and Spanish law firms to make public their status as “lobbyists” in Brussels and Strasbourg. Law firms resist, citing reasons of confidentiality. In Spain, the practice of “lobbying” is not regulate law , but it is still carrie out. After the scandal reveale in Great Britain , where the Sunday Times discovere that four deputies were earning up to 4,000 euros a day for lobbying, the lack of regulation of this matter is seen as a threat of corruption . Remember that, in Spain, the “lobbies” have been and continue to be very present around the controversial reform of the Audit, Stock Market and Public Limite Companies laws , to vary the voting limit per share package on the Boards of Directors.

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This lack of regulation that has been criticize against Spain from different areas of the institutional framework of the European Union . According to the sources consulte El Confidencial Digital , the European institutions are putting pressure on the Spanish authorities to follow the steps that Germany and Great UK Telegram Number Data  Britain are taking towards greater transparency and regulation. In addition to this claim, a recent meeting of European “lobbyists” in Brussels, with the presence of community authorities, has serve to influence these points . Currently, the problem of registering “lobbies” with the European Commission has to do primarily with Spanish law firms, which allege their confidentiality profile to avoid registering on a list that is, in any case, voluntary.

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Lobbyists” practice as such in practice, and not as lawyers. Furthermore, confidentiality would be guarantee in any case, also in their lobbying work. — Spanish think-tanks have Egypt Telegram Number  also been urge to register as “lobbyists.” Currently, of the 2,613 “lobbies” registere with the Commission, 126 are Spanish , but they are more interest groups (ASAJA, Spanish Arbitration Club, Spanish Family Forum, and especially the fishing sector) than law firms, “think-tanks” or public affairs consultancies. — In addition to the European Commission, the European Parliament , with an increasingly important role following the implementation of the Treaty of Lisbon, is also going to launch its own registry.

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