Our brains can process visuals more than 60,000X

Furthermore, a study revealed that visuals can increase the desire to read content by up to 80%. When uploading any visual content, make sure to optimize it properly. For example, compress images without affecting their quality and make sure they don’t take long to load. While JPG is used for high-quality images, PNG is an ideal alternative for logos, icons, etc. Also, use Alt tags (alternative text) so search engine spiders get clues about the image. Below we will discuss in detail about Alt-text images. So keep reading. Include a convincing CTA Include Calls to Actions (CTAs) to drive traffic to product and offer pages. This can effectively help drive more conversions and thereby increase ROI (Return on Investment). Page content is the core of all on-page SEO processes.

Another element of on-page SEO comes from

The page content, invest sufficient resources and time in its development and optimization. Site Architectural Elements Site architecture elements represent the constituents of your  Kuwait WhatsApp Number List   website and individual pages. The way you structure your website helps Google crawl pages and content. Halaman URL The page URL should be easy for readers and search engine robots to understand. This is important to do to maintain site hierarchy when creating sub-pages, blog posts, and other types of similar (internal) pages. https://arcbali.com/blog/ In this URL, blog is the sub-page and “arcbali.com” is the domain. Check out the following tips for writing SEO friendly URLs.

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The important for on-page are

SEO because internal links send traffic to other web pages on your site and tell Google that your site is useful and valuable. However, make sure the links are relevant to the topic of the content as including irrelevant internal links will affect the user experience. As we’ve mentioned, improving user experience is Australia Whatsapp Number List an important concern for Google and should be of concern to you. Therefore, link only those pages that can really help readers know more about specific and important information. Only then can you hope to drive higher traffic to the page. If users find the linked page irrelevant, they will leave the page to increase the bounce rate .

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