Ongoing research Just recently

We finished our first round of face-to-face facilitated user research using the beta website. We’ll be sharing those findings soon, but suffice it to say for now that we continue to Ongoing research Just  learn from our NZ users, and we’re prioritising fixes and improvements based on what we learn. It’s part of our build-measure-learn feedback loop, which is a fundamental part of how we work. Score a last point for local research. Total that up and I suppose you could say the recipe for our beta website has been 3 parts UK influence to 5 parts NZ-based evidence. Not a bad mix. As you can see, we’ve done major research on local problems, local needs, local ways of thinking about government, and local priorities.

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Our solution. Our site may look similar to but if you take a look under the bonnet, you’ll see a truly user-centred, customised product designed to meet the needs of New Zealanders .Take  Mexico Phone Number List another look and tell us what you think All the changes we’re making to are the result of the testing we’ve done and the feedback we’ve received. As we add more content to the site and try out design changes, we know we’re going to find other things that don’t quite work — which is part of the fun. There are more changes to come. Like the most recent changes? Leave a comment below.

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The country to understand

The issues they face when dealing with government online and how they think about government information. We did focus groups, online card sort tests, and face-to-face facilitated testing  Latvia Phone Number List  with early wireframes. All of that problem definition research is publicly available. It shaped our understanding of the local problems we are trying to solve. In addition, the results of the online card sort tests formed the basis of our current information architecture. It’s truly a user-centred information architecture. Our users gave it to us. Score a point for tapping Kiwi brains to deliver a solution for Kiwi users.

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