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Where the remains of the visigoth army took refuge, thus creating the muslims the umayyad caliphate, which depend on the caliphate of damascus. From the small territory mention, the kingdom of asturias, a historical period began in the year 722 that under the name of “the reconquista” last for almost 800 years, during which the kingdom of asturias expand, its capital chang its location, its name chang and other kingdoms emerg from it, mainly as a result of the distribution of the territory, when the king di, among his various sons.

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This whole process, which as I already indicat was very long, is not of particular interest for the topic at hand, beyond mentioning that as we can see on the maps, at no time have we encounter a Kingdom of Catalonia. Catalonia: the independence challenge The Unification In the year 1492, the same year of the “Discovery of America”, Portugal had already become independent and three Christian kingdoms remain in Spain: the Kingdom of Castile and León, the Kingdom of Aragon and business email list the Kingdom of Navarra. The first two in a certain way had already been unifi as a result of the marriage between Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon (The Catholic Monarchs), and it is precisely in the aforemention year 1492 that the Catholic Monarchs conquer the Kingdom of Granada,

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Catalonia: the independence challenge And Catalonia? While all this was happening, in the territories of what is Catalonia today, the Christians creat some “counties” that experienc a certain political independence, within a context where the entire peninsula was fragment into small Christian kingdoms alone facing the incontestable Muslim power. These counties are locat as satellites of the Carolingian Empire, which occupi territories of present-day SWB Directory France until the 8th century. The most important of these counties, which little by little subjugat the others, was the County of Barcelona. which was the last Arab stronghold that remain in the Iberian Peninsula, most historians agreeing that this is the moment in which today’s Spain was born.

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