Make sure the video description is clear

Informative, or contains relevant keywords according to the topic discussed in the video. Don’t forget to include links to your website or social media accounts, if you have any. Use relevant tags tags are additional keywords which help search engines understand the content of the video. Use relevant tags according Make sure the to the topic discussed in the video. Make sure the tags used are relevant to the video content and also use popular tags on youtube. Using the right tags will make the video easier for youtube users to find. Create a video transcription video transcription is a script containing the text of what is said in the video. Video transcription helps search engines understand video content and increases the likelihood of a video appearing in search results.

In addition video transcription

Helps viewers who cannot hear or understand the language used in the video. Add video transcription as subtitles or include transcription text in the video description. Use attractive Malaysia Phone Number Data thumbnails thumbnails are small images showing video footage. An attractive thumbnail will make youtube users interested in watching the video. Make sure the use of thumbnails is relevant to the content of the video or do not use misleading thumbnails that are not relevant to the content of the video. Promote videos after doing seo optimization of videos on youtube, don’t forget to promote videos via social media or other platforms.

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Share the video link

On social media accounts or send the video link to friends or family. By doing this, it is hoped that video views can increase. Conclusion by optimizing with youtube seo services .  Your video will  Belgium Phone Number Data have a greater chance of being discovered by youtube users and increasing the number of viewers. Apart from that, with videos that are easier to find, you also have the opportunity to expand your audience reach and increase brand awareness. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the things above when doing youtube video seo , or alternative seo .

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