It was a good reminder that people will pick

Their own channels and ways of thinking, no matter what you present them with or what you think they’ll do. For many people, dealing with government is really daunting — our  It was a good reminder early 20s participant not only wanted to call someone to check he was doing the right thing, he said he’d call “to ask if it’s OK” to use the service in the first place. Google search terms We rely a lot on the keywords people are googling to help us work out what to call things and how to talk about them. What we hadn’t anticipated was that users were trying to anticipate us before they searched.

Over and over we saw users

Who didn’t search using natural language or terms that felt familiar to them — they’d say those terms, and then ponder a moment, before re-phrasing them into something that  Japan Phone Number List   felt “governmenty” to them, and searching for that. The trouble was, it still didn’t help them find the content they were looking for. Users are so use to government having strange terms and odd brand names for services that they think they need to preempt the language we might use before even trying to look for them.

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On help with living costs, said “I wouldn’t expect to find this under something so simple as ‘help paying my rent’…” — that’s the language she was using, but it wasn’t what she was Estonia Phone Number List  googling. Preconceptions about government We made some assumptions about ourselves, too. We’d assume that users would approach our site as a fresh, new experience — but to them, it wasn’t. It was a government experience, and they brought all their historical and emotional baggage of dealing with government with them. Do people want to talk to a real person because they expect a bad experience online?

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