Identify other important areas

Indoor cameras, such as the Ring Stick Up Cam. Can be invaluable for detecting intruders or other unwanted visitors. For these types of cameras, it’s best to aim them at all the doors or easily. Accessible areas of your home to get a high shot of their entry. While outdoor cameras can track where an intruder is coming from and how they got in. An indoor camera is likely to get the best view of their face. In addition to covering your main home. Some people have a separate garage or shed where valuables are stored.

Just like in your home, it’s important

That your cameras can see any Australia Mobile Number List entrances to the storage building. Placing the camera under a hood keeps it out of the weather. And since it’s a wireless camera, it doesn’t leave it within reach of someone who could tamper with your surveillance system. Always make sure the camera can see the entrance as well as its surroundings and give the camera enough time to alert you to movement before anyone actually enters the entrance. Most wireless security cameras have built-in two-way audio, so don’t be afraid to let the person know they’re being watched and the police are on their way!

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Set up traffic alerts Motion alerts

Are key to knowing what might be Brazil Phone Number List going wrong in your home, but if they’re not set up properly, they can trigger false alarms and leave you with “the boy who cried wolf” fatigue. . Simply put, it means you ignore your camera’s notifications instead of checking them. When setting up alerts, be sure to exclude high traffic areas where frequent high traffic will trigger false alerts. In this screenshot, for example, the Blink XT is being used to control a front yard gate. The light gray squares have been removed from the traffic alerts because they include off-road traffic as well as traffic in areas where the headlights are often flashing.

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