How to use the onsen Japanese hot springs

Onsen are a very popular attraction among Japanese tourists for two reasons: because of their cultural significance and because they are natural spaces for recreation and relaxation.

It is thought that these waters have curative and beneficial properties, especially for the skin and to improve various ailments, including some types of cancer.

During your trip to Japan you will probably find wherever you go an onsen

Taking a bath in one of them is a unique experience Database that will help you relax your body and mind.

Before including bathing in an onsen in your travel plans, there are some tips and information that you should know. We tell you!what is an onsen
The Japanese word onsen refers to the hot springs that spring up in many places in Japan. They are temperate waters, rich in minerals and with healthy properties.

In Japan, the volcanic topography heats water naturally with geothermal energy.

This force drives bubbles of water that fill natural pools , sometimes hotter than a jacuzzi or hot water pipe.

Types of onsen in Japan
The different types of onsen that you can find are as varied as Japan itself. Some are located indoors and others, instead, outdoors.

Mixed onsen allow men and women to bathe together, while others have separate areas for each gender.

As for the usual facilities in these spas, you will see them of all kinds and made of the most diverse materials: tiles, stone, marble, iron and also cedar or cypress wood.

Some traditional Japanese hotels and accommodations , called ryokan


Offer onsen services (they would be equivalent to our spas). In SWB Directory urban areas you will also find modern bathhouses like what we know as urban spas.

There are also private onsen or kashikiriburo . In them, families or couples can reserve their kazokuburo .

This type of onsen allows you to enjoy greater privacy. Some high-end luxury hotels also offer rooms with their own onsen.

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