How to write seo friendly

Seo friendly blog posts seo friendly blog posts admin – 14 march 2023 table of contents how to write seo friendly blog posts write unique and original articles title How to write optimization article body optimization keyword optimization write articles for keywords with low competition conclusion  seo friendly blog posts – search engines are a source that provides a lot of free and targeted traffic to any website’s blog. So, as a webmaster you must write articles that are seo friendly. Writing seo friendly articles is not difficult. You just add a few things in your article and you will have a great article for search engines.

The question is how will you write seo friendly blog posts?

Here are some tips to follow: write unique and original articles the first thing you have to remember that you have to write unique and original articles. Search engines love unique and original articles. This is the first seo tactic and must be followed. After that you have to Iran WhatsApp Number List  put your post in front of a highly targeted audience. That means you’re not trying to build untargeted traffic on your blog. How to write seo friendly blog posts title optimization the title of your article should be catchy and if possible, include keyword phrases in your title. But don’t make your title too keyword-heavy.

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Your title should be easy to read

Article body optimization the first paragraph of your article is very important. Your first paragraph should be as catchy as your title. And it will explain exactly what your title promises. Put your main keyword phrase once in your first paragraph. After that, continue conveying the message from the title. Remember your article Spain Whatsapp Number List  should be followed by your title. Keyword optimization be careful with your keyword frequency. Repeat your main keyword phrase 2 to 3 times, don’t repeat it more times. Remember that you are writing for both humans and search engines. So writing articles should be natural.

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