How to improve it to offer patients

Only digital communication seems to be able to solve the problems we have identified. Only digital communication can provide healthcare organizations with the tools. Capable of reducing information imbalances through data sharing. Strengthening collaboration between healthcare professionals and. Thanks to interactivity and personalisation, improving patient involvement . What solutions offer the most promising prospects today? Let’s see them together. Keep track of medications and communicate with healthcare professionals. Encouraging the administration of preventive care and the timeliness of interventions.

The implementation of the Quick Fix directive

In Italy (which, let’s remember, concerns all EU countries) dates back to Legislative Decree 10 March 2023 , n.31 ( here is the text , published in the Official Journal of 24 March 2023). There are many areas involved. But the most important changes introduced Turkey WhatsApp Data with this update concern. The methods through which financial intermediaries are required. To provide information to their customers . The key words are: simplification , digitalisation , flexibility , security . In practice: all information on investment services provided by banks and financial. Intermediaries can and must be provided to customers in electronic format (except in specific cases).

WhatsApp Data

Portals and apps: mobile health and self-service tools

Web portals and mobile health apps allow patients to access their medical records. Schedule appointments, access test results and communicate with their care teams in real time. And on the other hand, healthcare professionals can interact Singapore WhatsApp Number List with patients more effectively. A tool that allows you to certify the delivery and opening of documents by issuing documentary proof. Translated into practice: the recipient receives an email or SMS containing a link to access the documents intended for him. This step allows you to collect and track the recipient’s intention to access the documents, through a personalized link. The sender, consequently, receives documentary evidence that certifies the sending, receipt and opening of the document.

Naturally, the first and most direct advantages that derive from the adoption of electronic delivery services have to do with everything that we have already highlighted above, in relation to electronic communications: economic and time savings , increased security , confidentiality and of legal and probative value .


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