How to create a YouTube account and upload SEO optimized videos

How to create a YouTube account and upload SEO optimized videos. Youtube , that immense warehouse of videos that has practically become a new way of watching television. How to create a YouTube account may be simple for you, but how to optimize it is much more complex. Maybe you think that YouTube is just a video platform to join to pass the time, but that’s not the case. This platform is also used (more every day) to learn, to get excited, to have fun, to sell… And it is the latter that really interests us.

Live broadcast

You will only have to have your webcam connected correctly for the platform to detect it. To do this you have to go to the “ Live broadcast ” option and click on “ Start ”. record live video You’ll have to verify your identity through your phone (don’t worry, it’s free ). If you have done it through the “ text message ” option. After that, you will receive a code that you will have to insert to verify. check On the other hand, you will be given the URL where the live broadcast will be broadcast so that you email leads can promote it in advance. It is very important that you know that in order to broadcast live through this option. After that, you must first have an encoder installed. On the other hand, you can also use the live Hangout option.

You will increase your organic visibility

You will increase your organic visibility. One of the advantages that having a presence on YouTube gives us is that it can increase our visibility in the Google search engine, and this happens because SWB Directory when uploading videos to YouTube we will not only have visibility on this channel but we will also appear in the search results on therefore, we will get visibility on 2 different channels. You will increase web traffic. This advantage is one of the most desired by all users on this channel, since they hope to attract traffic to their website or Blog.

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