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 Helena challenges the twists and turns and saves the world with lists. This is how you take care of your neck and shoulder area when you work on the computer Guest pens by experts | 0 Comments | Tiia Konttinen A lot of people who work a lot on the computer suffer from tension in the neck-shoulder region and the resulting symptoms. And there are enough of us who work on a computer, in fact it’s exceptional if you don’t have to sit at the computer much at work. The spectrum of symptoms is quite broad and the symptoms can be of very different degrees, from slight muscle tension to even shortness of breath and chest pain.  impair the quality of life, because muscle tension and the resulting other symptoms often have to be alleviated with painkillers and muscle relaxants.

Even the most common symptoms

 However, these never eliminate the cause of the symptoms themselves, i.e. the ultimate reason why the neck-shoulder section is stuck and new data painful , but at best they ease the pain and tightness for a while. Self-care is the most important and most effective way to influence the issue, because often the possibilities of influence are also limited in the workplace. Pain and muscle tension in themselves reduce the quality of life, but it is good to know that lower back symptoms, numbness of the fingers, teeth grinding at night and changes in posture can all be closely related to the well-being of the neck and shoulder region. causing the hangover, you’ll become aware of how you can best help yourself and make yourself feel better, just by investing a few crazy minutes a day.

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 This is how you take care of your neck and shoulder area when you work on the computer When it gets worse, the problems already affect the mobility of the thoracic SWB Directory spine and spine, and the symptoms naturally increase and become more difficult. It’s never too late to take action, but the longer you wait, the more you will suffer from symptoms that affect your quality of life and even make them worse. With a little self-care carried out in the right way, it is possible to get the neck and shoulder area in significantly better shape , even if you spend the whole day at work at the machine. The pain and associated symptoms (such as headache) usually ease within a couple of weeks, the posture starts to improve in a month.

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