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The Shanghai Expo to gain a foothold in China The main companies in the food sector are clear about the great opportunity represented by the Universal Exhibition that will be held in Shanghai starting on May 1. Freixenet . Tio Pepe Osborne . La Española olives and Estrella Galicia are determined to take advantage of the business opportunities offered by the fair. All of these firms participate together with Pedro Larumbe.  Designated “ambassador” of Spanish gastronomy in Shanghai in a project that will bring Iberian gastronomy closer to the Chinese market. The chef will be in charge of serving 300,000 meals during the fair .

Spanish companies will take

Advantage of this opportunity to introduce their products to the Chinese market . Food companies such as La Española or Osborne (Jamón Cinco Jotas), beverage companies such as Cabreiroá  . Estrella  Brazil Telegram Number Data Galicia or Freixenet and wineries such as Torres . Tio Pepe and González Byass have taken advantage of the fair to show themselves to the Chinese market and open their business to the opportunities of the Asian giant. Pedro Larumbe has recently presented the Expo Shanghai Agenda virtual platform. This website was created thanks to the alliance of the Eurasian Business Center and the Innova&Crea Network.’

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The main objective of the portal will be

Spanish companies enter the Chinese market by offering the following services: advice, obtaining visas purchasing flights.  HGotel reservations, car rental or interpreters, among Kenya Telegram Number  other services. The Shanghai World Expo is presented as the largest exhibition held to date in the world. An influx of more than seven million visitors is estimated at the Spanish pavilion . These forecasts make the fair an important showcase for Spain towards the Chinese market.The agility and expertise of Florentino Pérez’s team then made the ‘miracle’ possible and the businessman managed to arrive in Madrid in time to see Real Madrid’s last goal from his seat in the box, which was scored by Xabi Alonso from a penalty.

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