Florentino Pérez invited the members of the CNMV

Commission to the Santiago Bernabéu box in the midst of a battle to force his entry onto the board of Iberdrola The president of ACS, Florentino Pérez, has been fighting for months with the head of Iberdrola, Ignacio Sánchez Galán, to gain his entry into the board of the Basque electricity company. A week before confirming his intention, Florentino Pérez invitd the senior staff of the CNMV and the National Energy Commission to the Bernabéu. Florentino Pérez publicly announce on February 26 his intention to propose to the Iberdrola shareholders’ meeting that it speak out and vote for his entry into the board of directors of the electricity company, of which he is the largest shareholder with 12.6% of its capital.

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Services and energy group also took advantage of the presentation to analysts of the company’s results to reiterate ACS’s “firm will” to increase its stake in the electricity company to 20%  . Considering it an investment. “strategic”. Five days before that announcement, on Sunday . February 21 . The Real Madrid-Villarreal Korea Telegram Number Data  match was held at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium  corresponding to the 23rd round of the League. As confirme by El Confidencial Digital . Practically all of the directors of the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) and the National Energy Commission (CNE) were invite to that meeting.

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The invitation gave access to one of the VIP boxes at the Bernabéu and was extendable to the wives of the members of the councils chaire by Julio Segura and Maite Costa . In total . The  South Africa Telegram Number president of ACS was attende by about thirty people . However, there were several setbacks. To begin with.  Real Madrid basketball team qualifie for the final of the Copa del Rey, which was being held in Bilbao that weekend, and Florentino Pérez decide to travel to the Basque Country to attend the game when King Juan Carlos confirme his attendance. of the. Finally, Real Madrid suffere a heavy defeat (80-61) against FC Barcelona.

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