Etiquette Rules in Ryokan When You Arrive

While some ryokans do not have their own onsen or hot springs, others are concentrated around public baths. These grouped ryokan form true small towns where it is very common to see people walking or shopping wearing traditional cotton bathrobes and wooden slippers (Swedish type).

The most luxurious ryokan also offer other options according to their prices. The most exclusive include private changing rooms, beds with mattresses, and various western-style areas and lounges. Some even provide exclusive-use onsens .

You’ll also find urban ryokans in big cities like Tokyo and Kyoto

Since most of these ryokans are not close to natural Latest Mailing Database onsens , they focus on offering the same experience but in covered bathing areas, usually fed by the same waters that supply the city and not by natural springs. In Kyoto you can access some onsen located in historical buildings that have been in operation since feudal times.

Ryokans keep and offer all the flavor and essence of Japanese culture and express , like no other accommodation, the concept of hospitality, so important in this country. For example, in a ryokan you can enjoy a Japanese dinner, a typical tasting menu known as kaiseki and also a traditional breakfast. In these meals you will be able to savor amazing local specialties with seasonal ingredients that you probably would not find in a restaurant.

Checking in here is easier than in a hotel and you will always have the help of a nakai-san , staff willing to assist you in everything you need (a kind of personal assistant or butler). In your room there will be no shortage of sweets and matcha green tea at any time.

If you choose to stay in a rural ryokan  keep in mind that this implies

Latest Mailing Database

Giving up some of the western comforts. If having a private SWB Directory bathroom or a “normal” bed is essential for you, perhaps a luxury hotel or ryokan are your best options. Before making your reservation, find out about all the features and amenities offered by a certain establishment.

Price is also a determining factor when choosing where to stay. A typical ryokan costs between 15,000 and 25,000 yen per person per night. It’s more expensive than your average hotel stay, but it can be a worthwhile experience to enjoy for a night or two.

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