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Although one of the few products on this list that does not have a free plan (and is not cheap), it is an email marketing tool that is definitely worth paying for. With it, you will not only be able to send standard email marketing campaigns, but also create professional automated (sales channels) with multiple routes based on user activity, and you will be able to segment and tag subscribers based on the following criteria: What you set for yourself.

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It also includes one. In addition, it integrates with other very special data common tools, such as sum, and, or. Similarly, integration can be used, etc. No doubt it was a good choice, but we decided to go ahead and find. Advantages: Advanced sales channels. Reuse other users’ funnel templates. Subdivision and labelling. Including basic . Leading score. Native integration with forms. Disadvantages: There is no free version. High price. Limited technical support in Spanish.

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 Active Tracking – Email marketing tool is a completely unknown email marketing provider, but it has a very interesting tool. Although it still has a lot of room for visual improvement, the potential behind the tool is great. From the cheapest plans, you can use SWB Directory automation, which offers many possibilities that other tools do not. Provide you with templates to design emails, tests, landing pages, text messages, pop-ups, e-commerce options and other features to consider. –

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