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There is no one perfect sales channel in which you absolutely should invest. It is worth looking at what works for stores offering an assortment in a specific category and on this basis choose the right mix of tools and campaigns. Depending on the target group, assortment and many other factors, it may turn out that presence in social media or a search engine is crucial for generating e-commerce sales. It is the search engine that invariably as a source of redirecting traffic to the e-shop enjoys a very large share in traffic and sales. And planning presence in it is extremely important.

Glossary of terms that we use in the text Direct

Direct traffic Entries to the store, which are the result of entering the website address in the browser window or the name of a specific brand in the search engine. Search engine traffic As a result of entering the so-called search engine key phone number list phrase, the name of a specific item or service, the user receives a list of results. In addition to the organic ones, those that, according to Google, most accurately respond to its query, it will also find matched ads. Price comparison websites These are websites that present products from various online stores. They allow Internet users to find the best price for them.

A specific website address where

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He can make a purchase. Transactions from this source dominate in industries such as computers or household appliances, those where the price is of. Great importance in the purchasing decision. social media. Social media such as Facebook, Instagram SWB Directory or LinkedIn create. A space where the brand is promoted and a community is built around it. They allow you to get to know potential customers well and interact with them. Both organic entries and advertising campaigns on social media allow you to redirect. People interested in a given product to the store’s website.

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