Collect tracks in omnichannel mode.

If the first objective of a Customer Service is retention, the most ambitious result is that of loyalty. To put it briefly: have loyal customers who can transform themselves into extremely effective testimonials for your brand or products. To return to our initial example: not only customers. Who continue to buy our shoe models but who speak well of them with friends. Or on social media; and perhaps they review them with very positive votes on specialized platforms. This is a moment following the purchase. But which is decisive for triggering other purchases. And a good Customer Journey Map must also be able to keep these phases under control.

Customer Journey Map – 3 types

Therefore, a Customer Journey Map is a clearly legible visual representation of all customer interactions with the company. Pay attention to this, however: the point of view from which to start when building the map is always that of the customer . Now, before Laos WhatsApp Data moving on to the analysis of best practices for designing a Customer Journey Map , let’s quickly look at the 3 most common types . Set precise goals. This first point is basic. There is no single and functional Customer Journey Map , in general and in the abstract. It all depends on the investigative and operational objectives that are set . Therefore, first of all, these objectives must be set very precisely.

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Current State Template :

The most used typology, which aims to represent what your customers actually do, how they interact, how they feel during these interactions. Future State Template : here the focus shifts entirely to the predictive aspects. It is a very useful type Turkey WhatsApp Number List of map for imagining how customers will react to new products, services and experiences. Day in the Life Template : This is a similar template to the Current State, but with a broader perspective. In fact, not only customer interactions with one’s own company are included, but also with other competitors in the same sector and/or in the same geographical area. Designing Customer Journey Maps is essential; but, as we have underlined several times, it must be done in the most effective and functional way. In this regard, here are the 6 essential best practices.



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