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Because you only pay for what you use (P ay as You Go ). For more detailed information about Cloudeka, there’s no harm in visiting the official Cloudeka website . See you in the next interesting article! (*) Containers are a more modern virtualization system compared to Virtual Machines. With a container system, you can manage multiple Cloudeka Portal Page using your application environments on one computer easil Social Intelligence Technology is a technology that can explore information from social media to gain an understanding of human behavior and social interactions at the individual, interpersonal and community levels.  Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human intelligence processes carried out by machines, especially computer systems. With AI, computer systems can have the ability to think like humans.Living in today’s fast-paced world, but Dicky Satriawan.

Dicky’s passion for learning

one of the Bangkit 2021 contributors, still faces the problem of internet connection in Pakah village, Mantingan District, Avi City, East Java question. and dedication was great, but his resources were insufficient. Still, that doesn’t stop him from doing his best in Bangkit, Google’s digital talent development program. Since 2019, Dicoding has been entrusted ws number list as Bangkit course provider. Born and raised in a low-tech community Dickie was born and raised in a community in the middle of the forest. He is the youngest of two siblings, his mother is a teacher and his father is a retired forestry civil servant (dinas kehutanan). His parents’ decent jobs gave his family fairly good literacy skills compared to others in the village. Little Dicky is a person who likes to play with computers. He is interested in computer games and sometimes tinkers.

His experience with computers

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With his laptop. Even when Dickey was in high school, he helped the principal troubleshoot computer problems.  led him to decide to really delve into informatics in college. To improve his skills in computer science, Dicky studied Information Engineering at Brawijaya University. As an informatics engineering student, his curiosity was piqued by his neighbors, as none of them were familiar with computers at the time. This is new to the young people in the village. In his hometown, common occupations were agriculture and forestry, such as farmers, rangers, and conservationists, just like Dickie’s father. Dicky found it difficult to reassure his parents that IT was a promising field for making a living. All they know is that being a “PNS” is the best job in life. The only family member who gave him full support was his sister, How? Interested in using Cloudeka now

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