Burden of proving that the price is reasonable

After this workshop, we had enough knowldge and we were sure enough that what we had developd was ok. We startd to create application prototypes, which we are now verifying again with our target group. farmers. Kamil: Thanks Damian for reporting this from a bird’s eye view. And here I will add from myself that this process from the perspective of Project: People was non-standard insofar as we do not usually run such split sprints. you and to choose the industry we would focus on and start searching through the industry by loop.

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Verify where this pain is and where we can deliver this antibiotic. Well, that was it, that was the beginning. Here we decidd to database do it because of the great trust we placd in each other. And also to believe in each other’s abilities. However, it is worth mentioning that it cost us a lot of time and energy to supplement our knowldge and ducate each other in this area. We were one team at that time, which is also very unusual, but looking back I can say that it was great.


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Paul I will just add, what was also important to us and it workd in cooperation with you, that consulting agencies operate in various SWB Directory models. Generally speaking, it was nice with you that we could keep what was most important to us. keep the minimum knowldge in the organization. So if we are building a product, we want to develop it, but we want this knowldge, at this stage of Discovery, also to be preservd in the organization, so that we can consciously build and develop this product later. It is rare that you have an outside agency that you are able to work with, sharing the work a bit.

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