By using actions you can quickly and consistently

Apply these effects to multiple slides, saving time and effort. Creating your own actions: before importing actions, you might want to create your custom actions tailored to your slideshow’s theme. To do this, open photoshop and navigate to the actions panel (window > actions). Click the “New action” icon, name your action, and click “Record.” perform the desired edits, such as applying filters, adjusting levels, or adding textures. Once done, click “Stop” in the actions panel to save your action. Importing photoshop actions: photoshop actions are often distributed as “.Atn” files. To import actions, go to the actions panel’s menu (the three horizontal lines icon), select “Load actions,” and locate the “.Atn” file on your computer. Click “Load” to import the actions into photoshop.

Organizing actions into sets: as you import

Actions, it’s essential to organize them for easy access. Create sets in the actions panel by clicking the folder icon and naming the set. Drag and drop actions into the appropriate sets to keep your actions library neat and well-structured. Preparing your slideshow: before applying actions to multiple slides, it’s best to prepare your images by resizing them to the desired Photo Retouching Service resolution and aspect ratio for your slideshow. This step ensures consistency and a smooth viewing experience. Applying actions to multiple slides: to apply an action to simultaneously, open the first image and apply the desired action from the actions panel. Once the action has been applied, go to the “File” menu and select “Automate” > “Batch.” in the batch dialog box, choose the source folder containing your slideshow images. Set the destination folder to save the edited images separately.

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Under the “Play” section select the action

And choose the desired override options. Click “Ok” to process all the images in the folder with the selected action. Fine-tuning individual slides: while applying actions to multiple slides simultaneously is convenient, not all images may suit the same effect perfectly. After running the action batch, review the slideshow and make individual adjustments if necessary. Fine-tune specific¬† SWB Directory slides by making manual edits, tweaking the opacity of the action layer, or using layer masks to control the effect’s visibility. Backup your original images: before applying actions to your entire slideshow, ensure you have a backup of the original images. Actions are non-destructive, but they can still alter your images significantly.

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