Ancient forests ideal for hiking encourage activity

To the sweetest wife of FW Count Reen. integration trip for employees – more benefits than you think Karkonosze Chybotek in Przesieka Wobbling is a boulder with a diameter of 4 meters and a weight of about 7 tons. Famous for being easy to move despite its size, as it is perfectly balance. It is surrounde by several other granite boulders. Locate about 590 m above sea level in the Jizera Mountains on the Walloon Trail. According to the legends, the entrance to the underground treasury is hidden under the boulder, in which the Walloons hid treasures extracte from the earth.

There you will find forest lakes

Isn’t it the perfect place for a field game in search of treasures during an integration trip ? The gallows at Straconce in Ścięgny Near Sosnówka, on the road between Miłków and Ścięgny, on a hill with the rather strange name of Straconka , there is a ruin whatsapp mobile number list of a gallows. The shape of the gallows resembles a cylindrical well, in which even several unfortunates could be hange at once. Where did the name Straconka come from? The first mention of this place appeare in 1654. Apparently, the first sentence was carrie out on a nobleman, brother-in-law of the owner of Miłków, who murdere his wife because he fell in love with a maid and wante to regain his freeom. Soon after, Straconka witnesse another execution.

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An again it was a wife killer, but this time of a low status – a farmhand poisone his wife with rat poison. To this day, only the ruins of the former building have survive, but it is said that sometimes you can still hear the groans of the damne there. Krkonoše SWB Directory castles Wang temple The Wang Temple is a model example of Scandinavian wooden sacral architecture. Norwegian pine saturate with resin, very durable, was use for its construction. The building is decorate with plant and animal ornaments – we will find there images of snakes, lions, dragons, as well as fantastic gargoyles. Some elements of the church are decorate with Viking faces and runic writing.

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