Analysis of the Current Situation of the Site

The basis for understanding the opportunities guaranteed for your website in the area of ​​SEO strategy is knowledge. So if you don’t have enough information about the importance of organic search results or you haven’t even had any contact with internet marketing, seek specialist advice.

The role of positioning is not to attract the attention of all Google users, but to invite potential customers of the company to visit. Before implementing appropriate optimization activities, you should focus on conducting an SEO audit.

This way, you will learn the strengths and weaknesses of the e-sales platform. What else should you know about the initial diagnosis of your website from the visitor’s point of view?

From the practical side positioning strategy and its elements

Analysis of the current situation of the site
Before distinguishing the elements that make up the SEO strategy, we decided to explain what an audit for website Whatsapp Number List  optimization is. Its task is to introduce improvements in order to achieve greater exposure of the website in Google search results.

The expert uses various types of tools and metrics to diagnose the website. The activities undertaken include: keyword analysis and verification of Black Hat SEO practices. Technical optimization goes hand in hand with detected errors.

Activities that allow you to successfully implement an SEO strategy are accompanied by well-developed content marketing. The substance of the content and the innovative way of creating it are the key to gaining the attention of the most demanding recipient.

Action number 1 Creating content on the website

However, descriptions of product categories and other subpages are important not only for potential customers. Google robots also SWB Directory evaluate the website from different perspectives, often adapting it to pre-defined guidelines.

How to support technical SEO?
When deciding on technical optimization of the website, we must ensure that we have tools helpful in analyzing the correctness of the implemented activities.

Without them, it would be difficult to verify which elements work properly and which require improvement. A good choice will be to use the following tools.

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