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Your brain would need time to process all that you have loaded into it. Try to influence your whole everyday life, because everything around you also affects your creative work. 5. Rest When we sleep, our brains tend to process the things we experienced during the day. At rest, the brain does a great job of structuring everything it encounters during the day. Give your brain some grace and sleep well, take breaks and naps. Too little sleep clogs the brain, because it does not have time to process everything that is needed. 8 tips to help you sift through a pile of white paper 6. Concentration? When it’s time for you to focus on creating and writing, remove all possible stimuli from your path: put your phone on silent, clean your desk, turn down the radio… Also clean your calendar.

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 Do one thing at a time and set aside the necessary time for each thing. Do less. Don’t give yourself too many tasks, or you may lose touch with new database entities and essential things. 7. Creative methods Try different creative methods to promote your work. Here are some examples: make mind maps, write on colored paper, write on paper first and then on the computer, write somewhere other than at the computer or at home. You can also try sending messages to the subconscious. Create a mind map of your topic or Illustrate themes with French lines. take a nap. Let the subconscious begin to tickle itself.  know-how in your mind. Give your brain time to search your “files” for these things. Find more tricks that suit you. Try all the fluff. 8 tips to help you sift through a pile of white paper 8.

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Don’t be alone! Build a supportive and encouraging social circle around you, which can help you in the challenges ahead. Build a professional and everyday support SWB Directory network. Creative work is real real work. yourself, it is important that you take care of your most important asset. About you yourself. Maintaining creativity is part of your well-being at work. It requires comprehensive everyday well-being. It also needs active inspiration and enthusiasm. You can influence these things with your own choices and actions. I hope with all my heart that you found a new spark in your writing. Take care of yourself and let us all enjoy what you do best! Guest pen post Helena Earmark is a Master of who is fascinated by calendars. and how we use it. As part of her work, Helena finds out how we can direct our thinking and actions so that our use of time would be more meaningful to us and the tasks would remain in order and in proportion. How we achieve and focus better on what we do.

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