A computer failure at ING Direct caused the transfers

The ING Direct bank suffered a failure yesterday in its computer system. The error has caused customer transfers to double. The bank launched a standardization protocol designed for this type of problem. Some clients affected by the failure have told El Confidencial Digital that it is a massive incident that has affected a significant number of users. Throughout yesterday, those affected by this duplicity contacted ING customer service: they assure that the bank will not be able to return the money until next Monday because today is a holiday in many points of the country .

Bank management sources have confirmed

The error to ECD and assure that it is an unusual failure that has only happened to them once in ten years. These sources have not specified the number of people affected by the problem or the Japan Telegram Number Data   amount it represents. They have not revealed the number of transfers affected either. The entity highlights that the majority of affected operations are simple , transferring money from a client’s account to their own ING account. The bank has also recognized that the most complicated operations are those in which the client has made a transfer to another account other than their own.

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Javier Gómez Navarro turned into

The ‘pepito cricket’ of the Government in economic matters, candidate to join the board of directors of Iberia Javier Gómez Navarro, former minister under Felipe González and now president  Russia Telegram Number of the Chambers of Commerce, has become an uncomfortable character for the current Government, due to the criticism he is making of the economic situation and the lack of measures. Already at 65 years old, and with political aspirations closed, he recently came out with a “the entire country would like clearer leadership in economic matters . Which forced the Secretary of State for the Economy, José Manuel Campa , to leave. in step with a forceful response: “The Government has strong leadership, especially in the economic area.

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