5 Ways to Digitally Transform Your Business in 2021

As a global leader in digital marketing. WSI is proud to feature digitally transform one of our consultants to discuss. How you can digitally transform your Ways to business in 2021. Kelly Biggs has over 20 years of sales and marketing experience, earning her MBA in 2009 and has earned numerous awards, including Best Sales Consultant in Fortune 500 and small and medium-sized businesses.


What is digital transformation?

Let’s start with a definition. Digital transformation integrates digital technology into all areas of business. Resulting in fundamental changes to the way you operate your business and the value you deliver to your customers. The transformation is driven by executive email list customers and not by the company itself. Inbound marketing attracts prospects to your website using engaging content. Examples include keyword research, PPC, SEO, content marketing, influencers, social media.


Should you digitally transform your business?

This question may require some soul searching SWB Directory for most business owners. But some early indicators that it’s time to  your business include: Decrease (or lack of) references. Repeat business Ways to is declining. Your technology feels old. End-to-end digital processes are customer-centric and must be performed simultaneously and continuously. Once you capture your leads in the marketing or sales funnel, you’ll want to convert them into customers. Some marketing and sales automation tools to consider include.

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